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What are semi-permanent eyelash extensions?
They are synthetic extensions made of a polyester-blend material.  They are tailored to look like a natural perfect eyelash; thicker at the base thinner at the tip with a slight curl.  They come in many different colors; the most popular is solid Black.  These lashes are thicker than the natural hair to give the illusion of a much thicker lash line, and they come in different lengths so that we can re-design an eye-shape.  These individual synthetic hairs are glued one by one with a medical grade bonding glue to your own natural lashes.  When done right, you will see no clumps and have no tangles in your lashes.

How long do semi-permanent eyelash extensions last?

There has been a lot of misrepresentation regarding this question.  The truth is that a natural eyelash has only a 2 – 3 month lifecycle.  In order to apply a synthetic eyelash to a natural hair, the natural hair has to be half the length of the synthetic hair we are applying – which means this hair could be a couple weeks or more into the natural lifecycle.  With this being said, we apply a full set starting at 45+ lashes per eye, we include the first refill for free in two weeks.  This allows us to see how fast your eyelashes grow as everyone’s growth cycle will be different.  After this refill, you will have the option to keep up your lashes with continuous refills for as long as you wish or let the lash set you received grow out until the last lash has fallen out.

How often will I need lash refills?
Our clients come in for their refills anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks, with 2 weeks being the average.  Refills include up to 20 lashes per eye and are only $1 a lash for more.  Generally speaking, if you want to keep your lashes full all the time – we recommend scheduling your refills every 2 – 3 weeks.  We offer a variety of refill options & packages to suit everyone’s needs and pocket books.  You can discuss these packages with your technician or by calling your local Lash Lounge salon.

How safe are semi-permanent eyelash extensions?
These extensions are a synthetic hair, which means they are completely sanitary and hygienic to apply to the human hair.  Be careful when you hear of someone applying a human hair lash or animal hair lash (i.e. mink) to your own lashes – these lashes are hard to sanitize completely and can cause major allergic reactions.  We use a medical grade bonding glue – similar to the Dermabond glue used in surgical procedures.  It has no fumes and because it only touches the eyelash hair – it will not cause an allergic reaction.

Can you describe the application process?
The application process is very relaxing and has been compared to receiving a spa service.  You will lie back on a cushy reclined table and have your eyes closed the entire time.  The service generally takes between 60 to 120 minutes to apply a full set and refills can be done in as little as 30 to 60 minutes.  The procedure is so relaxing and comfortable that many clients fall asleep.

How do I take care of these lashes once they’re on?
The semi-permanent eyelash extensions are wonderful because they will replace the need for mascara and provide a completely low-maintenance makeup routine.  The main points to follow are that you cannot get the lashes wet for 24 hours after they are applied.  You cannot use any oil based makeup removers or products on the lashes or around the eyes.  And should you decide to use mascara, only water-based mascara can be used on these eyelashes.  The best care for these lashes is to just leave them alone, which is why they are so great – you will revel in the time it saves you in the morning when you pop out of bed looking bright eyed as though your mascara and eye makeup is already done.

Why is this service so expensive?
By now you have heard of many different places offering this service.  Like many other things, you know there are high quality and low quality products and services.  We are proud to be using the best quality products on the market.  We also provide the best technique on the market – it shows in the longevity, and the visual outcome of your lashes.  Your first full set is the big investment in your time and money, after that it is just a refill price to keep up your lashes.  Our technique consists of us separating your natural lashes down to one hair at a time and gluing a synthetic hair to a natural individual hair.  The first full set can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on the amount of lashes you want.  After that, your refills generally take between 30 minutes to an hour each time.  We receive many clients who come to get their lashes fixed after they’ve tried someone else, and we’re dedicated to making sure you are happy with the set of lashes you receive from The Lash Lounge®.

Are semi-permanent eyelash extensions for me?
This service first became popular with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan and more.  Since then, it has reached the masses or ordinary people who also want to either look more glamorous or just have their beauty enhanced naturally and give them a lower maintenance lifestyle.  The eyelash extensions provide a fuller, longer, darker lash line than you could ever achieve with the best mascara on the market.  It will turn back the clocks and enhance your eyes so much that you will become addicted very quickly.  Best of all, it creates a low maintenance lifestyle for any busy woman who wants to wake up already looking beautiful and ready for the day.  The main point to take into consideration is that you will need to have a hair to attach an extension to.  We are also limited to the length and thickness of your natural hair – when determine how long and thick of an eyelash extension to attach.  Outcomes will vary from client to client, however you will be amazed in the difference you will see in your eyes after you receive your extensions!


What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing, where pigment if implanted in the dermal layer of the skin.  It does not go in as deep as a regular tattoo, as the skin on the face is much more fragile.  This service provides a low maintenance to anyone’s regimen, by allowing you to wake up with your makeup already on.  Permanent makeup services include full lip color, lip liner, eyeliner, full eyebrow, and hairline strokes in the eyebrow to give a very natural look.

How long will the permanent makeup last?
Many factors will affect the longevity of your permanent makeup.  Generally it should last anywhere from 3 to 5 years.  This is dependent on the vibrancy of the color you choose, the thickness of the liner or area, how your skin accepts the pigment, if you are in the sun much and the use of any topical skin exfoliants such as glycolic, Retin-A, etc.  With any first service, you receive a free touch-up within 3 months.  This allows you the option to go darker or thicker with the second pass.  Additional touch-ups on your permanent makeup are available at about 1/3 the cost.

Is the procedure painful?
We try to make your permanent makeup procedure as comfortable as possible.  For the eyeliner and eyebrows, we use a medical grade topical numbing agent.  This allows us to get a quick break in the skin and use a stronger numbing agent that goes into the skin and gives you the feeling just a vibration.  For the lips, we have some wonderful dentist in the area that we recommend to administer a dental block prior to your procedure.  This will give you a painless procedure as well as speed up the healing process.  You are welcome to use your own dentist, however if you prefer to use our recommendation we will be happy to pass their information to you upon booking your permanent makeup appointment.

How safe is the procedure?
We use brand new needle, tips, and casings for every client and every procedure.  And because of the needle and pen design that we use, there is totally no contamination from back-draw of the pigment.  The pigments we use are organic and FDA approved and do NOT contain any metals or iron oxides.  As long as your procedure is applied in a sanitary environment and by a licensed professional you should never experience an adverse reaction.

What is the recovery time for permanent makeup?
Generally the recovery time is anywhere from 3 days to a week for the initial pigment to scab up and slough off – revealing a thinker line and about 30% decrease in pigment color.  The overall healing time is 4 weeks for eyeliner and eyebrows and 6 weeks for full lips or lip liner.  This allows all of the healing to go on under the surface of the skin before you touch up any area’s that are too light or need to be thicker.

How do I choose my color?
We will work with you to determine what you want for color.  We carry a wide variety of pigment colors form dark to light.  We can help you find something that will give you a natural enhancement or go as vibrant as you are wanting.  The pigments heal differently on different skin tones, so your technician will be able to help direct you to the best color range for your skin tone.  It is always best to bring in your favorite eyeliner pencil, lip color, or eyebrow pencil to help us match up what you are wanting.


What is lash & brow tinting?
This is the use of hair dyes’ to darken or lighten your own natural eyebrows or eyelashes.  A variety of colors are available for your technician to match up for you.  Generally most women prefer the deep black tint for their eyelashes as it can give you the look of mascara on both your upper and lower lashes, and can last up to 2 months.  This service takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete and provides the quickest transformation you’ll ever receive.  You will be hooked after one try!

How safe is this procedure?
We have found one of the best products in the market that provides both a great long-lasting outcome and a safe procedure.  Our tints are made of plant and vegetable extracts and range in colors so we can give you a very natural outcome.  During the lash tinting procedure, you will have your eyes closed at all time eliminating any residue to enter the eye.


What is eyelash perming?
Eyelash perming benefits anyone whose eyelashes are growing straight or have very little curl.  You will be amazed at the difference if only your lashes curled up.  This procedure was developed with products that are safe to use around the eyes as long as trained professionals administer it.

How does eyelash perming work?
This procedure is done with the client lying back with their eyes closed.  First we apply a tiny rod along the lid line of your upper eyelid.  With safe glue, we stick all of your lashes to the rod and apply a series of perming agents.  Within 45 minutes, we remove the rod and reveal your newly curled lashes.

How long does it last?
Eyelash perming should last between 1 to 2 months depending on the tightness of curl you desire.  As your own lashes will fall out and new lashes grow in, you will notice the over-all curl will lessen.  On average, we recommend repeating the service every 6 weeks.

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