7 Hacks to Make Your Favorite Beauty Products Last Longer

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Some of our favorite beauty products come with some pretty hefty price tags, which is why making them last as long as possible is a no brainer, right? Like our best of friends, beauty products are always there when we need them, we love them and we want to take care of them. Today on The Lash Lounge blog we are sharing 7 hacks to make your favorite beauty products last longer. You can thank us later!

1. Fix Broken Powders

Ladies, we all know it’s the worst when your favorite blush, bronzer, powder or eyeshadow falls and breaks or gets smashed in your handbag. But good news, this doesn’t have to mean it’s time to say goodbye.  All you have to do is gently pour a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol onto the powder and smooth together with your finger.


2. Layer Unwanted Lipsticks

Often times the gorgeous lip color you test in the store is never the same when you get it home. You can end up regretting your choice of shade, but don’t throw it out just yet. Experiment and mix a shade or two and you may just find a new color to love!

3. Learn To Love Cool, Dark Places

Most of us keep our perfumes and makeup in the bathroom, but did you know that all of the heat and humidity (usually from the shower) can make your favorite products go bad quicker? It’s true! Store things in cabinets or drawers where they are in a controlled environment and not exposed to the sun or heat/steam from the shower.

4. Further The Life Of Foundation

Mixing your foundation with a moisturizer is a great way to make it last longer. It can also make the actual wear last longer, too! This is good to do year around because in the winter your skin tends to be more dry and needs more moisturizing and in the summer you may not want to wear as much foundation yet you still want to moisturize your skin. Basically, it’s a win-win for all seasons.

5. Cut Open Bottles

When it comes to plastic bottles for the day-to-day products we use, whether it’s hair products, lotions or even toothpaste, always remember to cut off the end to get the final dredges. There’s normally quite a lot of product hiding within the corners. Give it a try and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. You’ll be amazed how much longer you can continue using it.

6. Convert Cracked Products To A Creme Base

We’ve all had broken or nearly finished blushes in the bottom of our cosmetic bag, bug don’t throw them out just yet. Make your own creme blush!  It’s easy, quick and will give your complexion a fresh dewy look to love. Simply mix a few different blushes together to make a unique shade that will compliment your skin tone. The simplest way to do this is by using a natural pre-made moisturizer for the base and add colors and pigments as needed. For more ways to make your own creme based blushes and bronzers, click on the image below.

7. Practice Proper Application Techniques

Learning just how much of the product you are using and how to properly apply can extend the life of your favorite products. Most of us are wasteful when it comes to using products and we don’t even realize it. The truth is you’ll be surprised how little you really need. Many makeup artists these days agree that most women do not know how to use and apply makeup correctly, which is why we end up wasting so much of it.  In fact, the pros claim that they can make their products last much longer despite having to use them so frequently in the course of their jobs.

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