8 Things You Might Be Doing That Could Damage Your Lash Extensions

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Did you know that there are things that most of us do either daily or frequently that could potentially be damaging our lash extensions? Today we are going to share 8 things that could be taking its toll on your lashes, and while it may not be totally possible to cut all of these out, it’s always good to be aware.

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1. Blow Drying Your Hair:  The majority of women use a blow dryer, and if you don’t use it everyday, you use it a few times a week. If someone with lash extensions notices that they are losing the curl in their lashes, this could be due to the heat and frequent use of the blow dryer. Women who concentrate on framing the face and using the dryer a great deal towards the front of the hair/face, may notice more of a change in their lashes.

What can you do? Choose a cooler setting on your blow dryer and try to aim the dryer away from your face as much as possible.

2. Sleeping Face Down:  If you are most comfortable sleeping on your stomach, with your face all snug and cozy in your pillow – that’s great, but just know it could be causing damage to your lashes. How you ask? Sleeping this way can not only “crush” your lashes, but cause them to loose their beautiful shape.

What can you do? As hard as it may be, you need to try to sleep on your back.

3. Rubbing Your Eyes:  We know how it good it feels to rub your eyes, especially at night, at the end of your long day and in the morning when you’re trying to wake up . . .  but STOP! Rubbing your eyes is a big “no-no” when it comes to lash extensions. If you want to extend the life of your lashes, resist the rub.

What can you do? If you must rub, try rubbing just above your lashes and only on your lid, not your entire eye.

4. Steaming & Sauna:  While steaming your face and getting those clogged pores to open up is good for your skin, steam is not good for lashes. This includes time in a hot sauna.  A great deal of moisture is not good for lashes and can cause the adhesive bond to break, which will result in your lashes shedding.

What can you do? Simply avoid steaming your face or time in the sauna.

5. Oil Based Makeup or Creams:  If you are using cosmetics or skin care products that contain oil, then it can harm your lash extensions. Any oil based products can erode the lash adhesive, which again – can cause shedding, which will decrease the life of your lash extensions.

What can you do? Look for oil free products. Luckily there are a number of options out there since many women have problems with oily skin. You can also check out our line of cosmetics and lash extension friendly makeup at a Lash Lounge near you. Click here to find out more about Lash Lounge products.

6. Using Mascara:  We’ve said it time and time again, but the beauty of lash extensions is that you no longer have to use mascara. But if you MUST, steer clear of regular mascara and any mascara that is waterproof or oil based.

What can you do? Use a water-based mascara sparingly and only apply from the middle of your lashes to the tip, avoiding the base of your lashes. Lash Lounge mascaras are specifically formulated for extensions, and you can purchase one at a Lash Lounge location near you. We offer our Ultimate Volume Mascara and Lengthening Mascara.

7. Tanning & Spray Tanning:  We all love a little color and glow, but tanning and spray tanning could possibly affect your lashes. The heat from a tanning bed could have the same effect on your lashes as the blow dryer (like we mentioned in #1) and with the moisture from a spray tan, this could have the same effect as we mentioned in #4.

What can you do? If tanning or spray tanning is done on occasion, then you should be okay. Just always be sure to wear protective goggles when doing either service to ensure that your lashes are protected.

8. The Spa:  If you love to treat yourself to a facial, massage and relaxing day at the spa, that’s okay – just know that some of the treatments or products could harm your lashes. Exposure to moisture or oils used during facials or massages may weaken the adhesive bond, which can cause lash loss and shedding.

What can you do? If you are getting facials frequently, then you should probably cut back. However, you can still enjoy the occasional spa day – just make your esthetician or massage therapist aware that you do have lash extensions and request that he/she avoid oils and direct moisture to the eye/lash area.

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  1. Dear Lash Lounge,
    I can’t wait to have my lashes done (amoung other services) ever since I singed them a few weeks ago. But I was curious to know that IF the need to apply mascara to your extensions was necessary (I read your advise), what would you recommend to use to remove the mascara? I’m sure that issue should be treated with TLC! I have always used baby oil to remove mascara, but I have a feeling you wouldn’t advise that. What do you recommend?
    Thanks! Suzie

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