10 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Lashes


Just like anything you love, you want to keep it looking its best, right? Same goes for your lash extensions! Whether you got them for the convenience, because you’re a trendsetter, or just because they make you feel beautiful, we want to help you keep them looking gorgeous, and of course worth your money spent!

Read below for 10 things you can do to help the longevity of your lash extensions.

1. Keep Them Clean. Keeping your lash extensions clean is so very important. After getting eyelash extensions, you may have to slightly change the way you clean your eyes; no rubbing of the eyes or using certain products.  Proper products can help you keep your lashes clean and extend their life.  We recommend our Oil Free Liquid  or our Oil Free Gel Makeup Remover, which is also a wonderful, all over light cleanser for the face and ideal for those with sensitive eyes!


2. Comb Your Lashes. After your first visit at The Lash Lounge, your stylist will give you a small lash spoolie, which you should use daily. This will keep your lashes from looking messy, separate any that may be stuck together and also brush out any flakes or light residue that may have built up. You can also use our Duo Angle Detailer, which is a spoolie and an angle brush combo. This will do the same job mentioned above and can also be used for brow grooming.

3. Beware of Too Much Water. While you do want to keep your lashes clean (lightly splash them with water each day) you DO want to avoid too much water. Getting your lash extensions soaked or steaming your face (anything that will expose your lashes to too much moisture) are things you want to avoid as much as possible.

4. Steer Clear of Oils.  Oil based makeup or products are not good for your lash extensions, and this goes for fish oils and coconut oils, too. We know the health benefits of both, however both products, specifically if they are ingested, may cause premature loss of your lash extensions. The oils can come out of your lash line which can then slide the extension right off of the natural hair. Please let your stylist know if you are taking or using any of these items.

no oils

5. Do Not Pull, Pick or Cut Your Lashes. Pulling or picking your lashes will prematurely pull out your natural lashes causing hair breakage and possibly permanent gaps in your lash line. Cutting them can potentially cut your natural hair, which you do not want to do, of course. If you want a different length curl or style for your lashes, mention that to your stylist at your next appointment.

6. Use a Coating Sealer.  Our Longer Life Coating Sealer and our Black Diamond Sealant are a Lashionista’s best friend! A coating agent helps protect lashes from moisture, oils and also helps to extend lash life. Use it 2-3x a week to:

  • extend the life of your lashes
  • protect your lashes if you lead an active lifestyle
  • protect adhesives from premature breakdown (from thing like oils, swimming, allergies, AHA skin products, etc.)


7. Sleep on Your Back. While many of us are side or stomach sleepers, sleeping on your back can help prevent you from losing lashes. When sleeping on your stomach or side, sometimes lash loss will occur on the corners of your eye. However, if you just don’t think you can become a back sleeper, try the Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Mask. This mask is contoured for pressure-free, smudge-free eye comfort and will protect your lashes if you sleep on your side or stomach.

8. Use Only Water Based Mascara. That’s right, water based not waterproof mascara is what you should be using. After getting lash extensions you will find that you will not need to wear mascara as often, but when you do, this is the kind you should be using. Our Lengthening Mascara and Ultimate Volume Mascara are both perfect for lash extensions as they are smudge proof and also water washable. One last thing we must mention, when applying a water based mascara to your lash extensions, only apply on the mid to tip of your lashes.


9. Shed Happens. Your lashes have a 60 to 90 day life cycle. Through that cycle, you will naturally shed lashes as new ones are coming in. Typically you lose about 20% of your lashes every couple of weeks, that is why we recommend to come in at an average of 2 weeks to make sure we keep you looking as full as you did on your first day.

10. LASH but Not Least, Enjoy Them! Part of extending the life of your lashes is enjoying them! We want you to love and obsess over your lashes as much as we do and if you ever have any issues or are unhappy with your look, let us know. We can alter any design to fit your lifestyle and needs.

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