Channel 8 News Covers The Dangers of Incorrect Eyelash Extension Application

Channel 8 News Covers The Dangers of Incorrect Application of Eyelash Extensions

Although the client in the news story did not receive services at The Lash Lounge, this is, unfortunately, a good example of what happens when eyelash extensions are not applied correctly. Channel 8 News reached out to The Lash Lounge for expert information about how the service should be done, what signs to look for when choosing a technician and what to do if you receive a botched service.

Click here to view the WFAA Channel 8 News story.

Things To Know:

  • In the state of Texas, individuals offering eyelash extension services must be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing of Regulation to perform the service. Not only are all Lash Lounge technicians certified, our comprehensive training is one of few approved by TDLR.


  • Only medical grade glue should be used to apply eyelash extensions. This special adhesive is safe for medical procedures and should only be used by trained professionals. This is not the same glue sold with eyelash strips or tabs in drug or beauty supply stores. Eyelash extensions should never be applied with anything but medical grade glue from an eyelash extension distributor.


  • Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are made from synthetic hair for maximum sanitation purposes. Our premium synthetic mink extensions are also made form synthetic fibers and are more finely cut to mimic the natural feature of real mink hair. The Lash Lounge never uses real human or animal hair which have been proven to cause allergic reactions.


  • The “isolate and separate method” is the only correct way to apply eyelash extensions. This skill takes proper training and practice to master. Technicians should complete a thorough, hands-on training after receiving license in order to perfect skills. All Lash Lounge technicians undergo weeks of supervised training to maintain the highest degree of expert skill. Using this method, a new full set should take approximately two hours to complete. Refills thereafter should take about 30 minutes to one hour.


  • Only 3% of all people have a reaction to the glue. The occurrence is rare and should be immediately addressed if it does occur. The Lash Lounge also offers a sensitive glue option for those with sensitive eyes or allergies. Like any other beauty service, eyelash extensions may not be for everyone. Our number one goal is to maintain the health of the natural lashes. Clients should alert their technician if at any time during the service, they feel burning or discomfort.


  • Bigger is not always better. Eyelash extensions come in a variety of lengths, degree of curl and thickness allowing for customized looks. Although the longer, more lush option is a request from most new clients, the requirements for such styles should be explained thoroughly before applying extensions. The natural lash has to be long and thick enough to hold the weight of the extension without causing premature breakage. A properly trained technician will create a look for each client that will best suite their natural lashes.


  • Every person has a unique eyelash shedding cycle which lasts 90 days. The lashes are continuously growing, shedding and re-growing. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions, when applied correctly, do not hinder or speed up the shedding process. A single extension is applied to one natural hair and during the shedding process, both the extension and natural lash shed together painlessly. Hairs may be more noticeable during the shedding process because they will be bigger with the extension attached. If extensions are not properly applied, there will be a tugging, itching or burning sensation, usually resulting from clumped lashes. If multiple natural lashes are glued to one extension, this can cause hair to prematurely shed and pull out other attached hairs as well, which can be painful.


  • A new set of eyelash extensions should range between $250 to $400 and refills should cost between $50 to $75. There are many individuals and business who may offer the service at prices significantly below market rate but the end pay out is usually bigger when the service has to be corrected or causes damage. The growing popularity and demand for the service has encouraged many unqualified individuals to cash in on unknowing clients. The saying “you get what you pay for” is very true in the eyelash extension industry. Individuals interested in the service but don’t want to dish out a couple hundred dollars for the full set should find a reputable salon they trust and ask to be informed of discounts and specials for first time clients.


In the case that an individual has received a botch eyelash extension service, immediately seek a certified eyelash extension specialist to have them removed. Extensions should never be removed at home or by anyone not properly trained in the removal process. Lash Lounge technicians are also trained to remove eyelash extensions without damaging the natural lash. Ripping extensions off without using an adhesive dissolvent, the proper utensils and technique can result in permanent damage to the natural hair follicle.

To learn more about semi-permanent eyelash extensions or other beauty enhancing services, visit our website.

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